Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do Rude and Selfish People.....

Really not know how rude and selfish they are? I mean come on....can you really be that much into yourself that you don't notice how off the chain you really are?

I have four children, an active duty husband, work a full time job during the day, teach classes one night a week, am finishing my BS and getting ready to start my Masters, run the children's ministry with 53 staff members, 135 children which includes a Sunday program and a Wednesday program, a week long VBS, two full program productions a year, and two monthly meetings AND training, I am a member of the Marriage Ministry Board, Woman's Board, and the Youth you think I am busy enough?

Apparently, you don't because you think it is completely acceptable to call me and ask me to drive across town and pick up your grown son up because you have lunch plans and your husband is at work......ever heard of a bus pass? Well all three of my older ones have one and they are easy to obtain.

Never mind that I started my day with a quick meeting with Fran and Sheila about the program NEXT week, then I moved to a planning meeting to plan for the entire ministry (which you were suppose to be at, but standing around talking was more important to you), then I took 8 kids to Costco and Walmart to get food for the youth sports day, then I drove them to the sports field, unloaded the food, and headed off to pick up my niece who is spending the weekend with us. From there I went back to the church and spent two long and painful hours watching 75 children prepare for next weeks production (let me add here it is only painful because practices always are chaos and I never think we will pull it together in time for the actual production.....but those babies prove me wrong every time...the pain is just part of the process) I worked in the sound booth, watching and changing what needed to be done, correcting from there. Then I had to drive out to pick the kids up at the field and help them clean up.

All YOU did all day...was talk and go out to please take a good look at what you asked me to do and quit acting so bloody needy, grow up and truck your own dang kids around. Please......I had a truck full of children, coolers, and left over food where was I suppose to put your large little darling?

Can you really be that clueless about what you asked me to do? AND if you are please tell me and I will gladly spell it out for you in a plain and simple language that you are able to understand!

AND finally YES all of the 10 times you called me and asked me to pick him up and I told you NO..I DID hit the IGNORE button on my phone....why if you can ignore me when I tell you no...then I can ignore you when you call me to ask me again!


Miss Hope said...

Wooo hoooooo!!!! Girl, that was a some kind of post there! It's gonna be okay. You did what had to be done and I, for one, don't fault you one bit for thinking and feeling that way!

Mellie said...

I'm so proud of you for getting this out, off yer chest. Yes, some people really are that clueless. Heck, I've been known to be that clueless before too, but at least I didn't ask you to cart my dog around (yet).

Anonymous said...

Oh i am totally with you on this..some matter how old..are so self consumed that whatever comes in their way..without realising the repurcussions..just matter how hurt the other person can be..but the sad part is..when people around them give in to their idiocrisies...encouraging them to behave in their selfish ways everytime...Such people r just a big burden who won't let u live..they r like u from inside n make u useless till u actually get the sense to get a life