Monday, January 19, 2009

Mom Monday...

Well, inspiration has hit me this morning and I have decided that there is no need to rely on my trusty mom book to get a quote to start this week's blogging....I will come up with it on my own.

1. Being a mom means that you wear a black and white, horizontally striped shirt and a whistle everyday!

So, Rick had to get up this morning and go to work because they are preparing to leave yet again...nothing new there. So we spent some time together this morning (wink wink) and then when he left for work I got up and had some breakfast (not a healthy one by the way, which after reading Missy's blog about committing to being healthy has me feeling guilty) and decided to catch up on my blog reading. It was peaceful and quiet, until the first one came down the stairs...then it all began. My daughters argued all through breakfast, about trivial things and things that in the big scope of things really don't matter. Then came Joshua who just wants to argue period...with anyone or doesn't matter to him.

It is now 9:15 and they are all back in their rooms where they will stay until they can act like civilized human beings...which may be quite a while. I just don't get it...ok I do but I am sick of it...

We have several types of arguing that got on in this house:

1. The I am better than you argument: So I have two cheerleaders, one in junior high and one in high school. They are no longer allowed to talk about cheer leading, dancing(both on the dance team at church...and God forbid one of them miss a practice and the other try to help them), or grades(both are brainaics in their own rights) The boys are the same way....they both play football and they cannot talk about it like humans they have to talk about it like they are both competitors for the world title. Video games are the same.....a simple game can turn into an all out brawl because one of them who I will not mention cannot handle being beaten by his brother and insists that the computer and the brother apparently we have the only WII in the world that cheats.

2. The everything is everyone elses fault argument....some examples would be..
I can't sweep the kitchen until the dishes are done...ummm why are the dishes laying on the floor? How can the fact that you did not do your chore be the fault of the person who was suppose to do the dishes? There was a doosie yesterday......After the Youth Sports Day I had to take 3 coolers, six kids, Shalei, all the sports bags the six kids brought with them, and myself home. There was very little room for arguing (but believe me they found plenty of things to argue about...Shalei told me that the half hour drive seemed to last about 7 hours) Anyway...we get home and we have to unload all of the things(which I have to give the three older ones kudos for helping me with) Zach left his sneakers in the truck (again) so I threw them over the top of the truck so they would be closer to the front door... Well I am 5'2" and the truck is closer to 7' how far do you think those babies got? One ended up on the I asked Joshua to get it for me...and didn't give it another thought.....

Until Sunday morning when the boys came thundering up the stairs arguing while I was getting ready for church. As they bust into my room (a huge no-no) the phone rings and its Rick...asking me if the boys are arguing...his response was I knew it! Apparently, when he was getting ready to go to work(yes on a Sunday...gotta love the Navy) Zach was looking for his he went to look in the truck. Rick was in the driveway with him and saw it on the roof of the truck...Zach went ballistic insisting that someone put his shoe on top of the truck....not entirely he assumed it was Josh. So as Rick is pulling out of the driveway he saw him storm into the house...that is why he knew they were fighting. So Zach insists it was Josh's fault his shoe was wet....never mind taking responsibility for bringing your own shoes in the house...

3. The other argument is whose turn it is to do___________. It doesn't matter what it is, its just not thier turn. My girls will argue about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom for hours on end. My question is how am I suppose to keep track of all that goes on in this house AND remember who cleaned their bathroom last?

4. The final argument is about how unfair life is and how unbalanced the scales of justice in this house are. Well, when so and so did this you let them , so how come I am in trouble and they weren' response is always....well, because I like them better:)

Now I need to go find my whistle:) and get to refereeing(is that a word?)

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Miss Hope said...

Lawd! That is so my house. Paige gets all bent out of shape if Makenna doesn't jump up and do her bidding (because she is 14 and Mak is a mere 9). Then it hits the fan when Makenna ignores her.

I'm considering buying a whistle to blow in their faces. Seriously.