Sunday, February 1, 2009

Unexpected Happiness....

Well, I have been burning the midnight oil with Zachary being sick and last night I planned to go to bed at 7pm....for real Zachary was tired and I was my plans were to go to bed EARLY:)

So as I prepared to get ready to head upstairs for the evening when I decided to check my email one more time and to send Rick an email with the updates of the day. As I log in I see an email from the ombudsman....that said the boat was pulling in...NOW:)

So I scratched the whole going to bed thing, got things ready to drop off at church so I would be able to spend today with my husband, and headed out the door.

The email did not have a pier or a that meant I had to drive around the waterfront to find the boat. Have you ever driven around looking for a large black submarine at night? Not such an easy task, I'll tell you! So I finally find them, and they look like they are offloading a bunch of stuff, so rather than take Zach out into the wind, I sit in the truck and read while he watches a movies.

After about an hour I got in touch with Rick and we headed home.....I was ok with not getting to bed at 7:)


Roni said...

WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!! That is the BEST surprise!

Miss Hope said...

I'm guessing MORE than okay! Yay for finding subs in the dark! (but in a good way)

Lea said...

My "Unexpected Happiness" was equally as exciting! I was at a friends house and finally heard my phone ring with Dusty's ringer... I dug through my purse like a mad woman and answered saying "WHAT are you doing home!!!??" I threw the kids in the car and double dared a cop to pull me over for being 5 over the limit! :P

I like broken things...hehehe