Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where Do I Begin?

I guess I should begin by apologising for not keeping up to date on my blogging....but for the last two weeks life seems to have been stuck on fast forward:)

Zach is now better and back to school...phew! The poor guy lost 6 pounds while he was sick. But he is back in the saddle again and riding on my last nerve The boy has to know where I am every second, where I am going, where I might go and where I have thought of going....I think it all has to do with dad being gone so much. He also has nagging down to a fine art...ignoring it doesn't work....believe me....I do it....and he keeps asking....even when he is sleeping!

Becca, well Becca is just...I don't even have words. How do you lose a $20 bus pass in January, two days after I give it to you...and turn around and do the same thing in least this month she found it. She also has this unique gift for doing everything half way....washing the dishes, doing her laundry, cleaning the kitchen....none of it is ever completely done. It a bit maddening. What makes it even worse is that as I fuss and fuss...she just looks at me and has no idea what I am talking about.

Now Josh.....he doesn't even attempt to do what I have asked....oh wait let me take that back....he just pretends he did it. Perfect example....Saturday morning I told him to take all the snacks I bought for Children's Ministry out of the Jag and put them in the truck. Then I told him to vacuum the truck and clean it out. This morning a friend called to get a ride to church for herself and her two kids. So I sent Becca out ( I took a risk here first of all) to check if when Josh put the stuff in the truck he had to put the back seat down. If he did she needed to rearrange everything and put the seat up so that we had enough room for everyone. She comes in and I ask her if she took care of it...she said...well I put the seat up, but underneath it was all the stuff that was in the truck that Josh was suppose to clean out and he didn't vacuum it. So I went down stairs and got him out of bed and told him that if he did not get that truck cleaned and vacuumed before I was ready for church he wasn't going to the probowl. Of course he's all about anything it got done.

Britt...well I don't have words. She was told by HPU that they would give her 80-100% worth of scholarships. She doesn't want it. I am at the point that if she doesn't get this much aid from another school...then she will be paying for it. Her dad forbid me to buy them new phones like I had planned to until they cleaned their rooms.....well you all know how likely it is that this has she is really angry at the injustice of it all. Never mind that I forked out I don't know how much for her probowl weekend, picked her up at practice at 10pm every night, and the fact that she did not do a flippin thing she was suppose to do around here....but I am suppose to run out and get her what she wants...............................................she must think I am as brain damaged as she is!

Rick is gone:(

Work is great....but to borrow a term from my husband...I am busier than a one legged man in a butt whopping contest:)

I have so much more to say...but I am too tired:)

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Roni said...

That kinda sounds a little like what goes on around here!! I feel your pain!