Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday....

I am thankful that in a few short hours...all my kids will be

Today I am thankful for my friends....they come in all different shapes, sizes, and ages. They have different strengths, weaknesses, gifts, talents, backgrounds, education, spiritual walks, needs, and personalities.

There are those whose children I have taught, as I have taught theirs. There are those whose children I held as babies, those whose pregnant tummies I am now rubbing, and those whose children I have met as elementary students, junior high, and high school students.

There are my children's ministry awesome group of friends who have been knit together by the Lord himself to serve with excellence, purpose and passion. This group of friends carries each other with prayer, compassion, and truth. We have seen each other through some of life's biggest challenges and come together every week with joined hands, hearts, and prayer.

There are my submarine wife friends...these are a unique breed of woman, who roll with each wave that the sea sends our way. They understand the tears I cry and the pain I feel for my husband as he serves in the deep, and my children as they attempt to push me off the deep end.

Then there are my soul sisters...those who minister to me in my deepest places to my hurts, fears,and struggles...they know me like no others. As we pour into each others lives...we are lifted and taken higher and higher in the Lord. We are bound together by the Holy Spirit, who has us so in tune that we can feel each others anguish and joy.

Then there are those who I love like my own daughters...those who no matter their choices and path I love them unconditionally...and that's why they love me:)

Then there are those friends that God has given to me as daughters Brittany and Becca...even though they don't know it yet....they are my friends...bound to me as only daughters can be. My sisters Cole and Amy....even though they tell people I left them at 2 and 3 (it was really 9 and 10)....I am sorry I missed your proms and graduations.....I promise to never miss anything like that again:) Cole thanks for my Nino and Amster thanks for those babies to come. To my sisters in law Jenn and Tina.....Jenn you are the woman God meant for my brother and I am thankful that you love us like we love you:) Thanks for Cassidy and Kendall...they are beautiful. and I both know that I AM the woman meant for your brother:) Through thick and or no get me:) Ladies we are bound by love, legacy, honor, and the fact that we all have to put up with the same crazy family members...Griswolds:) Then there is my I understand so much more now than I did then..what you are tried to tell me...I am sorry I wouldn't listen and had a hard head...I love you:)

I am thankful for my friends...some of them overlap into several categories....Thank you God!

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Mellie said...

I don't care which category I fall into, but I am very glad to call you friend, even sister. I am very thankful for you.