Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is not for the weak at heart....

Ok....this is not for the mothers that are weak at heart or live in some surreal world where your children are perfect angels and never do anything that makes you gag....I am just warning you now.....

I was sleeping in my bed nice and cozy Tuesday morning at 4:45 am when Becca came in to use my bathroom..I asked her what she was doing and she said that her toilet was clogged. I asked her who clogged it...of course her response was...Not me Brittany. Of course Brittany said that she did not do it...Becca did it. So I told them to knock it off, figure it out,and unclog the dang thing.

So this morning I walked past their bathroom(something I rarely do because it just makes me crazy)...and see that the toilet seat is down and that they have covered it with a it was a dead body...which it may have been for all I do you just cover something like that up? Like covering it up makes it go away?

So, when they came home tonight I made them unclog it and clean gross can you be? Becca unclogged it and cleaned it and Britt is suppose to clean the rest of the bathroom...we will see how that if I need a crystal ball to see how that will be playing out!

Speaking of gross....their bedrooms are another thing that are icky. Brittany's room requires you to step up into it, and Becca's smells like a boys gym locker room.....its quite frightening:(

So the deal is that they cannot get their new phones(which they really need,the ones they have just randomly fall apart...while they are talking on them...and yes they need phones, because they take public transportation to and from school...sometimes leaving early in the morning and if they have practice later in the afternoon/evening. At this point the phone is more for my piece of mind than for them.) until they clean their not happening.

Today they both got their panties in a wad because I had to go get Josh a new phone because his got stolen a couple of months ago. I was so mad that I wasn't getting him one for a while. But then the football team started weight training and he is having to ride the bus home later in the afternoon I need to know how to find him and make sure he is safe. So, I got him a phone....much to the girls dismay...but I have to give them kudos...they didn't ask me why they didn't get one.....

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