Sunday, February 15, 2009


Tripler at times to my home away from For those of you who don't know.....Tripler is the military hospital here in Hawaii. I should be thankful that there has never been a life threatening issue that has kept us going back for more:)

Today Britt and I made our trek up the hill because she has an awful cold and was having trouble breathing. Because of her asthma, we taking not being able to breath pretty seriously:) They did a chest xray, gave her a breathing treatment, and diagnosed her with bronchitis.

She is now resting in her bed...and I am planning on finding my own bed and doing the same:)


Mellie said...

hope she's feeling better soon!

Miss Hope said...

I embarrass my oldest when I get all chatty with the nurses at the clinic here. It seems to me that I can go months without stepping foot in the place, then all three kids get sick and I'm there every week for a month...or two. When they check you in without asking for your name? Ya been too often! LOL