Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can You Guess Where I Spent Most of My Day???

Well, it wasn't my nice quiet mostly kid free office...I'll tell you that:)

No I spent it surprise there.

I woke up and called the appointment line and in my half asleep state (for real I was in the bed, under the covers, with the phone on speaker) made an appointment for 2pm. After I hung up, I realized that 2pm was wayyyy to late. So I called back and changed it to 9am. Look at the clock and it read....7am. I shot up out of bed, ate breakfast, got ready, and had Britt out the door by 8:25...plenty of time right? WRONG as I got on the highway I saw that traffic was at a 8:40 in the morning.

So needless to say we got to Tripler 9:10. I then did something I have never done before...I used the valet parking. I have been in protest of the whole valet idea because I think it is ridiculous that I should have to pay for parking because they cannot manage their hospital right...but anyway. I drove up and handed them my keys...and walked my happy butt right into the hospital....and now that is my favorite thing to do:)

So we go in and see Dr. Green who has seen all of my three older ones for various, sprains, fractures,and one concussion:) He wasn't surprised to see us back..he understands that cheer leading is Rearranged Britt's knee for about 15 minutes, and sends us off to our good friends down at xray. Once we return to the clinic we find that she has sprained her knee and has some patella syndrome....back to the brace and maybe physical cheer leading or dancing for two weeks.

So that is what I did for what I am doing includes my husband as the only one on duty in the goatlocker after a month deployment..and that is all I am giving you!

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Roni said...

Valet parking ROCKS!!