Friday, February 27, 2009

Feeling A LIttle Crusty Today:( its Friday and I am so glad the weekend is finally here....but I'm feeling out of sorts....kind of.

So, last night I had to go to a mandatory senior parent night where such chaos reigned that I cannot even begin to describe the madness... but that's not the point the point is this....OMG my baby will be graduating in 3 months. Of course I cried at the meeting...and at home after the meeting. She very well may get off her duff and actually leave the island.....I of course will be devastated. Rick concurred last night that he will also be sad...but that it was ok, because he would be sad four times and then we would be free! It's the beginning of the end of an era of our lives.

Last night as we tried to get to bed our room was like a three ringed circus...Zach coming in and asking questions, and the rest of them had to do this and ask that. They were all crawling all over the bed (this is when I made the decision to go from a king to a queen size bed)...they were everywhere. I kept trying to get away from them but every where I turned there they were! The straw that broke the camels back was when Zach pulled down his pants and asked me to look at his butt..because there was a scratch. How am I supposed to go from all of that to complete quietness? STOP...yes peace and quiet will be a dream come true....but I cannot imagine such a shift in ones life so suddenly being easy...I don't care how much I am looking forward to it:)

What else...yeah I am struggling with unorganized, undisciplined people in a certain area of my life.....besides my children:) I did something this week that will either have me coming out smelling pleasant or...not so pleasant. Either way people are not going to be happy with me...worst case scenario I will not be happy. Is it life threatening or super huge.....not in my personal life.....but in another area it causes me great I wait for the decision to be made and the chips to fall where they may.....

Rick is "visiting" us for the weekend:) We are having a family dinner at California Pizza Kitchen tonight. Tomorrow he has to work most the day and I have a marriage ministry thingy:) We will probably just chill tomorrow evening...same thing and chill, he has to work.

This whole Navy thing is another source of my out of sortness (Mel...its my blog can make up words if I want to) We are waiting for orders seems like we just did this. They SAY he can have the orders he wants...but only time and the hand of God will show us if that is to be. Depending on the direction that the wind is blowing he could be getting out after this shore tour...or not. I just want him to be happy. You must be thinking well...wouldn't getting out make him happy? Well, on one level it would...because he could be with all the time and he would be able to be a bigger part of the children's lives and the ministry.

But of course...there are two sides to every story. He wonders if he will fit in to the civilian community...will he miss his fellow chiefs and the bonds and perks that come from belonging to the goat locker? He wonders how it will feel to be stuck here on the island...without traveling and getting a break. How will it all pan out? Of course we look in the natural to the cut in pay we may have to take...hey, living in paradise is not free. We both fully understand that God is our source...but its scary stuff.

So that is where I am at today....this mid-life stuff is heavy dude!


Miss Hope said...

Times like this is when I think: It bites being a grown-up some times.

I love having plans A-Z in a neat order.....

Then God and the Navy laugh at me.

Mellie said...

you're over being crusty and it's been almost a week since you've written. don't you think it's time??

Anonymous said...

i agree with mellie

Mellie said...

we're heading on a MONTH now - do you realize the withdrawal pains?!?!