Monday, March 23, 2009


What's going on around here...complete and utter chaos of course.....

Rick is in for a couple of months so we are all adjusting to that and getting ready for shore duty. Of course we have no orders...but am I regardless of whether or not I stress and worry about it the Navy will have their way...and I just refuse to get my panties in a bunch about it this time. After much debate and in the end being voluntold...we are going to the sub ball...The Deacon/Senior Chief dude I am married to will be giving the invocation.

Diva is still applying to colleges....none of which are giving her the full ride that HPU is offering AND she claims she is not going to take out loans. Me, as far as I am concerned God has made a way for her to go to college and not have to pay a I believe the matter settled. She asked me a few minutes ago why we never started a college fund for took all that was in me not to throw the laptop at her....... She has major PMS and hates all of us...we are bad people for requiring her to have a clean room and be civil to her brothers and sisters...bad bad people!

Joshua is into football practice and weight training. His grades are improving...however I really wish that I could scrub his mouth out with Clorox bleach....he is so negative and has something to say about must be tough to have all those hormones bouncing around inside and have no way to release them.... How do I know he is not releasing them? Well, a friend of ours who is younger than us took Josh and his nephew out a couple of weeks ago and talked to them about "guy stuff" SEX came up and Josh's answer was...No way man my dad would kill me. What he doesn't know is that i would kill HIM and HER.

Becca is starting tryouts for JV Football cheer leading...You all know how I feel about cheerleaders...... Anyway, she must be worried about grades because she tackles me everyday to see if her report card came in...can't be good when the honors student is worried about grades.

Zach apparently had some time on his hands and decided it would be a grand idea to shave his eye brows...I blame my sister Amy and her boyfriend...hopefully someday fiance and then husband Ben really.... he has a strange idea in his head that he is going to be the best man in their wedding and is going to get a Mohawk which he will dye blue for the occasion.

I love my is crazy busy, but its all good. I would rather be busy than have to fake being busy. I only have to work three days this week....I am suppose to be off Thursday and Friday...but I have to take a conference call Thursday in the I will be doing that. I believe we will be heading to the beach and chilling on Friday night because Rick has a dining in.

So that is an update on what's going on around here...I will be back more often...:) Now Amy and Mellie leave me alone


Roni said...

WOOO HOOO for going to the Sub Ball!!

And I was just wondering if there is a small deserted island around there where we can drop off all of our sassy teenagers?

Mellie said...

How cool that he's doing the invocation?! Go, be beautiful and supportive, and take lots of pictures!!! I just love Zman's eyebrows - he is just so freaking original, I love him! I'm very glad to see that you FINALLY updated - I updated today too, so you know I would have given you grief if you hadn't. xoxo