Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, today is Prince Kuhio Day here in Hawaii...which means of course a day off:)

Mine started first thing this morning, with a conference call in my jammies, because of course the mainland does not recognize our Hawaiian holidays:) I tried to go back to sleep after the call but my children were not I did the next best thing...I cracked the whip and got them maybe they will let me sleep in tomorrow morning...because if they wake me up I may find something for them to clean.

I still feel like I got hit by a mac truck hauling massive amounts of may be tmi for some of you...sorry. I tried to get up this morning and be all peppy and accomplish the long list of things I set out for myself today....but it didn't work. I managed to clean part of my bathroom, all of the closet, and do everything but dust my bedroom. I had such high hopes for the next two days...but I guess I will spend them resting. I may sit pool side for a while tomorrow with a good book, while the washing machine churns away with my clothes.

Fiona has yet to make her college decision...I am trusting God that she will not depart from the Godly training we have been doing all these years and make the right choice. I can do nothing but pray about this..because no matter what I say she doesn't listen....

Speaking of prayer....that brings us to orders....Now, I know we are leaving Hawaii, so moving isn't a concern. the concern is the type of orders....if he gets a shore billet that requires sea time or a lot of traveling he will not be able to finish his degree. This means that he will have to do at least another 6 years in...3 more sea and 3 more he can finish the degree. I just want to know what we are doing....

The good news is that I have settled on a topic for my message at the Woman's Conference...and no, I am not telling you right now:)

I am off to watch my dvr'd shows for the I will be ready to watch Grey's when it comes on:)


Miss Hope said...

Orders. Ugh. Waiting on orders. Double ugh.

Hope you feel better and soon!

BTW...Seattle Grace rocked tonight!

The Legacy said...

Sorry, not sure if I am reading thsi right or if you wrote it wrong . . . you are leaving HI, and aren't concerned with moving or did you mean to type ""aren't"?

Jill AKA busymom said...

Well Up until last Friday it was I knew we weren't leaving Hawaii...but now they are trying to pull him to Virginia to be the Force in whole submarine force ANAV...I might like Virginia:)

Only time will tell....such is the life of a sub wife:)