Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MY DAY.....

So my day started out pretty good. Stopped and picked up the keys for the class I had to teach tonight on my way to work. Did a few interviews in the morning, worked on a few things in the afternoon and did another interview. At about 4:30 pm they inform me that I need to pick up a tv so that I can play the video needed for my presentation tonight.....before I go to class.

OK, so I jump in the car and head out. The phone rings....its Zach's Babysitter telling my that she had to go stay in Waikiki for the night because something happened to her house...did I want to come pick him up in Waikiki after my class.....ummmm not really:) So I called and asked Shalei if she could watch him...she said yes. Ok minor disaster avoided.

The phone rings again.....its Becca..."Where's Britt," she asks. At a game....why...."I don't have a house key." Go to the babysitters house and get Zach's garage door opener...she goes to the house...and guess what? Zach doesn't have his garage door opener. So then I have to call around to try and find somewhere for the little darlings to go...because Shalei cannot watch them at our house...because they can't get in.

So I call over to Sheila and Obie's...Uncle Obie is they can go there:) They feed them and when Josh gets home they all walk home together.....another disaster avoided.

But wait there is more...I walk in the door and Britt is in tears and her swollen knee is sitting under an ice pack. You all know where this is leading, don't you. You guessed it...a ride up the hill tomorrow morning to the big pink hospital on the mountain.

I am so tired, it's 10:27 pm and I have just finished my extremely healthy dinner of pop corn and grape soda...its time to end my day!


Miss Hope said...

Hang in there! Know that the Good Lord is watching over you and one day these beautiful children will bring you beautiful granbabies to love and SEND HOME!

Lea said...

When it rains it pours!!!

DO you have your own parking spot at the Pink Palace!? :P

Enjoy your weekend!!

Mellie said...

I sure hope they had your parking spot ready at Tripler today. Hope Britt's knee is going to be okay