Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Not Hard.....

I know today is suppose to be walk it out Wednesday....but I have creative rights here:) Besides the topic today is my children...and if they don't keep me on my knees before the Lord...nothing does.

So you see...I teach a class until 9pm on Tuesday evening, a class that pays me very well...I make almost as much as I do in 8 hours in those three hours of teaching. So it makes sense to me that the whole family benefits (by whole family I mean those cell phone, clothes/sneaker/make-up wearing fools who do not do have JOBS) by me taking this class:)

So I try to go in later in on Wednesday's because I am tired, this means that I don't have time to get back to the house before I have to be at church. So the kids either get a ride with Shalei or catch the bus.

All they have to do is eat, bathe, get dressed, and get in the freakn car...ITS NOT HARD!!!!! But can they handle it? NOOOOOO They have to fight over what they are going to eat(even thought I tell them what to eat), who is going to cook it(tell them that too), if they are suppose to play the wii (they know they are not suppose to), and then finally who is going to sit where in Shalei's car.

So all the way ...I mean allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way home from church I had to hear about what they argued about all afternoon...and on top of that none of them ate dinner!!! How hard is it to wash your butt, feed your face, and dress the butt?

I will tell you it is much harder for them to do those things than it is for them to walk around with their hands out like I owe them something. You know what I do owe them something......A BIG FAT NOTHING SANDWICH!!!!!!

Ugh! I cannot wait for shore duty....its going to be like boot camp around here for them!


Mellie said...

what a great mommy you are (I think I would have taken phones and locked them out, just saying). Your readers aren't getting the full benefit of your frustration though - not like when you tell me over the phone. I've decided you can't write a need a radio show!!

Miss Hope said...

I can see Mama now...sneaking away to the beach for a few minutes of quiet time whilst Dad cracks the whip! What a lovely thing to look forward to, huh? LOL

Mellie said...

does Miss Hope realize just how funny that comment was?! Yeah, I know you're not gonna post this note, but you should get the starbucks before you go to the beach so Dad can complain that you never spend any time with the kids, too. xoxo!