Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm So tired and its only Tuesday.....

So Rick tried to leave yesterday...but didn't...they left today:)

I went back to work yesterday after being off for almost a week and a half with Zach. I was greeted with 38 phone messages and 57 emails....took me all day just to deal with those:) Today had me working on the respite care contract and pulling my hair out trying to get state and federal agencies to play nice and share.....need I tell you how that worked out?

Tonight I taught a class that almost revolted on me when I told them I may not be their instructor next week....I have a respite meeting to be at. Oh! how I could clone myself so that I could be in two places at once. So it is 9:45 and I am jut getting home from work.

What did I come home to you ask? Well...a dirty kitchen and four children who wanted to share the injustices imposed on them by their siblings, a request for money, and news that a bomb blew up at one their high schools today. Pretty typical Cr**

Let me run this by you...Britt received an offer for a full ride scholarship to HPU here in Hawaii...but she doesn't want to go to that school...nor does she want the new car that comes with going to school on the island (hey...we figure a new car payment is cheaper than living expenses in another state).

Me, well I am 38 trying to decide what to get my master degree in for two reasons.....one I like school (I'm a knowledge junkie) and two if I am in school I do not have to pay back my student loans yet....at this rate I figure I will have a doctorates degree before I want to pay them off. I have two car payments, a mortgage, and a host of other bills.....how about if someone gives me a full ride scholarship and a free car!


Melissa said...

ok....um.....what turnip....or pineapple truck Britt fell off????
wow...she is the second sr hell bent on gettin the heck outta dodge....buuuuut not quite prepared to do so.....hmmm....FULL RIDE.....and a RIDE....

*Britt....this is Aunty Mel speaking........seriously.....dig deep.......deeper......no deeper....*

Mellie said...

I'm starting to be like you - can't afford to stop going to school because I can't afford to pay the loans! I sooo want to knock a knot in her tail and get her in gear.