Monday, December 8, 2008

Catching up....

Why do I always feel like I am playing a game of catch up?

What's going on around here? Well let's see the week of Thanksgiving I had some icky ucky stomach thing. I was out of work for two days and thankfully I was able to eat a little of Auntie Carolyn's yummy Thanksgiving dinner.....but then I crashed on the couch. Once i woke up we played a competitive game of Phase 10..always competitive. Then we crashed on the couch again and ate some dessert!

The next day we went to the football which our team got was really sad:( My daughter is now done with football cheering and we now move on to basketball.

Last week was crazy hectic with work, the chiropractor, and Rick's Christmas party. Work is good and I am enjoying what I do. The chiropractor is pretty cool...all that bone popping seems to be helping. Now Rick's Christmas party....was the lamest Christmas party I have been too in his entire Navy career.....that's 20 Christmas parties. The food was horrid, the entertainment was dismal and the prizes were pathetic. I was made I missed a hot bath and Grey's Anatomy for that one.

We are looking for orders. Right now the idea of 30 years sounds just peachy to me. You see by that time all my kids will be out of the house and I will not need to make enough to feed a small army. Additionally, my husband who is really a kid at heart is going to need all of my attention when he makes that transition from being active duty to civilian. So the orders they are proposing will take us out to thirty years....because if he takes these orders he will not have time to finish his degree. This means one more sea tour and a shore to finish the degree.

I love my husband, he truly is my best friend but I know in my heart of hearts this is going to be a rough transition for if it means he has to do 30 so when he gets out I will be able to give him 110% of my attention instead of splitting it between him and three teenagers....I'm ok with that.

This past Saturday was the Hawaii ROTC ball. As mentioned earlier this is the only time my tow older ones will ever attend a formal event together. It was nice and we even got pictures....

This is Joshua, Brittany (mine), Alycea, and Andrew (Ms. Fran's) all dressed up and ready to go.... There was much drama and posing in order to get this picture. From what we were told a good time was had by all.

The picture was actually taken in the middle of the Chidlren's Ministry Christmas they had an audience! The party was nice...a little low key for us because we are all exhausted!

After the party we went to OJ's basketball game. His school was in from the mainland to play HPU. Have to say it was a pretty good game!

Sunday was Zman's birthday. He rose his new bike and I think today he ate all of the remaining cake....after he had cupcakes at school and at church!

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