Thursday, December 18, 2008

I hate barf....

So I am crazy busy working through lunch today and my cell phone rings....yes it is the YMCA day camp calling me...Zach has a stomach ache. So I wrap as much stuff up as I can and throw it in the car and head off to pick him up. Just as I get there he runs to the bathroom and as he is sitting there he is throwing up.......

Once we got home he set up camp on the couch to watch tv in the living room...something he knows he can only do because he is sick. At this point lets just say that my washing machine and clorox are very busy today:( Rick and I have managed to juggle our schedules so that we can stay home with him tomorrow.

Other than that the other kids are wrapping up their last day of school and getting ready for their Christmas break. Tonight Britt is going to the ballet with the cheerleaders and Josh and Becca will probably veg out.

Rick goes on leave tomorrow and standown begins. Me...tonight I have to teach a class and tomorrow I have a presentation at one of the high schools.

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