Saturday, December 27, 2008

Only in Hawaii....

You see we live on an island that has to depend on it's own resources to exist.....

Twenty billion Christmas lights Wasteful
Twenty million air conditioners running Comfortable
Family and friends at the house Joyful


Yes, internets....the entire island was without electricity for 9 hours last night...some still don't have electricity.

Thankfully, I had gotten up from the table to make dinner when the notion came to me...because I had just taken our turkey pot pies out of the we had dinner. Sheila and I were sitting at the table working on center pieces for the teen social tonight when the lights went that ended the process right there.

We all ate dinner and chilled for a while. Then we ended up with all five teens who spent the night playing cards by candle night...while we went to bed.

I thought about taking pictures....but I couldn't find the camera in the dark....and ummm it was dark. I mean REALLLLLYYYYY dark......imagine the whole island with no power.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that Ewa Beach got power back like at 0230? Didn't the housing areas get theirs back like around noon today?

I was fine but totally without sleep. Our neighbors were doing the fireworks thing, and as all Ewa dwellers know, that means the same fireworks that Hilton Hawaiian village does!

From the old navy wife a few blocks away.....

Miss Hope said...

What's up with the rustic approach? It's no better on the mainland in certain places, either. Back home in South Carolina, my people are of the country living variety...where if you sneeze? Power is gone for quite a while.

Wish you had found the camera!