Monday, December 29, 2008

Why is it????

Ok my friends I am slightly irritated about several things today....but I will release some steam here about the most mundane item on my list right now...because the others would just be airing dirty laundry!

Why is it that people with monster trucks feel it is necessary to come to almost a complete stop when going over speed bumps?!?! You must be thinking really Jill this has gotten you irritated?

Let me explain ......our community has about a billion kids running around every from the main street to my house there are 6 speed bumps.....where I park at work has speed bumps every 25 yards or so.....for 6 as I have to follow all these big truck driving people as they go painfully slow over the speed bumps...I have a lot of time to think!

They are TRUCKS people....big v-8 having engine trucks...they are built for a little bump in the road here and there...there is no need to come to a complete stop and then ease over them. Put your foot on the gas and go!

I can say this because I drive an Armada....which is fitting seeing how my husband is in the Navy....let me know if you got that one!?! It is a monsterous v8 engine having affair...I ride over curbs sometimes just so the poor thing can see some real action. So I just glide over the bumps...I don't rush at them like I am in a cross country race...I just approach them and glide. Let's say it together...GLIDE For Pete's sake I go over them faster in Rick's car and its a low to the ground sports car...GLIDE I say GLIDE!!!!

I spend more time waiting at traffic lights in Ewa (they have been times...all of them on Fort Weaver Rd are 4 minutes each people....4minutes) and waiting for lolo's to meander over speed bumps than I do blogging these days!

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