Saturday, November 29, 2008

My husband

My husband. I have a good husband who I am thankful for and makes my life most blessed. For example because I was so sick Wednesday after I picked him up from work he declared that he was taking all the kids to church so I could rest is peace....which was great because he had duty the night before and it was much less than peaceful in our home. So off they all went and I settled in to some good sleep:)

He supported me through me getting my degree, doing homework with the kids, and making dinner and handling the nightly business so I could go to class. He supported me 100% in opening the preschool and was probably madder than me when I had to walk away. Now he supports me in my new job.

In a conversation he had the other day with someone he said this and totally blew me away.....You know that Jill is one of the best leaders we have at our church. You and I know it....but others don't because she stays down the street and runs Children's Ministry...which is the best running ministry at our church. This means a lot to me for two reasons....1 My husband is one of the best leaders I know. His military training combined with the leadership skills he has obtained in the ministry make him stand out above the rest. So for him to compliment me in that way means a lot. 2. The conversation they were having was about my lack of confidence in that statement blew me away:)

So, while he may be a bit seniorchiefly and slightly off.....he is an awesome man and I am blessed to have him:)


Miss Hope said...

Sweet post about the hubby. We got some great guys, don't we?

Anonymous said...

Jill a few of things that I am disappointed about regarding the directions that all of us Krieger sibs have gone is . . . 1. the lack of time, life expiences, etc that we could have share between each other. 2. How little that we have had an opportunity to get to know, befriend, and enjoy the time of our spouses/significant others (just for info. Jen really enjoys time with you). 3. That we don't get to spend time with our nieces and nephews.

On the other hand, Rick has always allowed me the lack of concern for your happiness, health, family . . . beyond even at times my own relationship . . . no worries here though.