Monday, November 10, 2008

The Countdown is On....

Well......the battery in my SUV decided that blowing up and spewing battery acid every where was a fine thing to do on a Monday that's what it did last week. Rick and I were too busy to deal with replacing the battery so we just carpooled last week. So Saturday morning we went to take the battery in to replace it and we discovered that it was under warranty, so we called the dealer and they told us we couldn't just bring the battery in we had to bring the whole vehicle in. So the tow truck showed up and off she went.......which is where she still is. This means all 6 of us have been getting around in Rick's Jag....and let me tell you it is a very tight fit.

I said all that to say this......

Yesterday we went to Uncle Mike and Carolyn's for a cook out....which means that all of us rode together out to Waianae in close comfort. I made the comment that we will only be living together as a family for a couple more months and then after that we will never live together as we are now. My youngest two gave me a bewildered look and asked what I meant. My response was that Britt is going off to college next year and after that she will probably never live at home again. Apparently, in all the college talk and arguing over who was going to get which room it never occured to my two youngest that their sister was going to move on to the next phase of her life....without them.

This is when the tears began....Becca just sat there and outright bawled and Zach put a blanket over his head to disguise his tears. Me....I have been crying for months. A song that they play at al lthe graduations came on the radio the other day and I started tearing up...Rick finds it highly amusing, but we will see who is crying next summer. I suspect that he will have his share of tears also.

She has started to put her college applications is and is scouting out scholarships...she is excited about moving on and I am excited for her....but I am really going to miss her:(

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis, I'm alone way off, but am very excited for Brit. I am excited that she may end up on the east coast and if so her uncle will may attempts to visit her a couple of times, but she must vow to get me tickets to a Duke game if she ends up in an ACC school. All my love and hopes to you and rick and the kids.