Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On Being A Navy Wife.....

Many people assume that the hard or difficult part of being a Navy wife is the constant separation, but in reality it is not. The enemy we all struggle with is named "Yes, No, and Maybe."

Yes we are leaving today so I need to be at work at 5:30am. Later that day...maybe I will be leaving today but I'm not sure, but if we aren't I will be here until late. An hour later "No, we are not leaving so come get me now."

Yes, I am up for orders, maybe we will get what we want, no I have no idea when we will hear anything.

Yes, I am up for promotion, no I don't know when we will hear anything...once you make it...maybe we will get paid for it before the cows come home.

Yes, I will be here for Thanksgiving go ahead and make those camping reservations. Two weeks I won't be here cancel the camping reservations.....three days later...Maybe I will be here can you get those reservations back?

This is what Navy wives live with on s consistent basis. We have been attached to subs that have sat pier side so long, waiting to go out to sea for so long that the shipyard has begun calling them building ***(insert hull number). Everyday for a month I would drop him off with a goodbye only to return to pick him up later that day. When they finally left I was not ready for it and in a state of shock.

I can handle anything as long as I can come up with a plan. I can handle him being gone and the truck breaking and the kids having to be in four different places at once all while maintaining my sanity.....if I can plan ahead. However, this constant state yes I will be here, no I won't be here, maybe I won't be here is about to drive me mad. You would think after 20 years of it I might have gotten used to it.....sorry no I haven't.

I have learned to plan without him and to keep rolling....but when you add a please, maybe I might need you to pick me up into the above chaos the ball stops rolling in one direction and begins to have some sort of spasms.

So to the Navy...YES I was in my right mind when this all began, NO I am not liking this tour, and MAYBE I will still be sane when this tour is over.

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