Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have somethings I want to share...

I really do have somethings I want to share...the good the bad and the ugly:)

*The preschool....ugly.....I have been putting it off because I wasn't ready to deal with it yet....but I see a glimmer of hope and the beginning of I will be able to share soon:)

*The good my husband came home from WEST has been long enough that I won't feel like I am violating any rules and regs in sharing that:)

* More good....I really like my job and I am blessed and excited by the new opportunities it offers.

* Still more families visit was great and you can learn more about it on our family blog:)

* Bad bad bad...Mellie really is leaving:(

* There is another good...the kids have realized Britt is leaving and have started to get along a smidge better...just a smidge:)

BUT I am super tired so I cannot write about these things tonight...or tomorrow night because I have to teach a class tomorrow night (one of the good things about my job:)) So hopefully this weekend I will have time to share :)

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