Monday, November 24, 2008

Catching up.....

Ok, things have been crazy around here....would you expect anything else? Rick came home Friday, the kids had a Try Wait seminar Saturday, and a UH football game Saturday night. Yesterday was church and a good long nap in the afternoon, followed by homework and dinner.

So.....Day 1 Ms Fran

You see I believe that Ms Fran is one of those friends ordained by God to be in my life. We have been carpool parents, co-workers, co-workers in the ministry, and the mother of not one but three sets of very good friends. I have taught her children and she has taught mine. We have sat in the audiences of school productions together, woman's ministry messages, in the front row orchestrating the children's ministry productions, in the stands of others high school graduation, and in a very short six months we will sit together as our daughters, who are best friends graduate from high school no doubt sharing a box of tissues.

Our friendship is one of balance and divine revelation. Our ministry as a team benefits from this friendship and is stronger because of it. While she is calm and quiet....lets just say I am not. I have seen her get a little more boisterous over the years....even (mock sigh of horror) wear jeans to church, and I have seen myself become a little more quiet in certain areas (come on I said certain areas) I have seen God take our strengths and weaknesses and blend them together to make us both stronger.

Football games are the perfect example of this. I understand football, so I explain it to her, and she possesses enough team spirit for both of us...I really think she is a (shutter) a closet cheerleader.

Last Tuesday I was driving to work thinking about the next couple of weeks and all that needs to be done. Our four oldest will all be going to a ROTC ball the same day we are having a Children's Ministry Holiday Fellowship. When I realized that they would be going...all four them I began to cry. This will be the only time that Britt and Josh will ever go to a formal dance at the same time...they go to different high this is rare. Then I thought about pictures and the memories they will all share on this night and began to cry.

I naturally called Fran because the way God has spaced our children puts the older three for me and all of hers all at the same stages of life at the same time. I knew calling Fran would put me in touch with the only person who really understands what it meant to me.

So I am thankful and blessed to have Fran in my life...a true friend who will correct me. love me. laugh with me, and over the next few years stand by my side as our children go through the milestones in their lives.

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