Monday, November 24, 2008

The Kids

So my youngest two just figured out that their sister is really leaving for college and this is the end of family life as we know it.

Zach has been glued to Britt, and Britt has been attaching himself to her a little more also. He has to to hug her every time he walks past her and there have been less arguments in the morning when she gets him off to school. They hug and kiss each other good bye and good night.

I have heard the girls giggling more and yelling less....of course the bathroom and whose mess is whose will always be an issue.... Becca has refused to move into Britts room once she leaves....but I hate to tell her...she's going to have to because it has pink carpet and there is no way the boys will move in there!

Britt announced Friday that there was just 28 weeks exactly until she graduates...becca started did I:)

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Miss Hope said...

My time is coming before I know it. By then, you'll be a pro at sending kids off to college. Be warned: I may call bawling my eyes out.

Makes me want to hug my high school freshman a little closer....and I would if she wouldn't roll her eyes at me.