Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Sub Ball Invocation

Here is Rick's invocation for the 109th Submarine Birthday Ball:

-The world is yours Lord, and of this, let us be ever mindful. To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven. Tonight, we ask that you bless us as we use this time for relaxation, for enriching fast friendships and for making new ones. We pray that this night be one of good cheer, celebration and reflection.
-We pray for those currently deployed and the families that support them. We pray for our families as they continue to support us. Keep and protect them, watch over them, and be ever mindful of them. We thank and praise you for giving us so many gifts over these one hundred and nine years - more than we can mention. But, especially we praise you for all your gifts tonight - for the food, the drink, and those who prepared them, for health and contentment, for challenges and opportunities, and above all, peace.
-Bless those in leadership over our nation, local governments, and our armed services. Give them Wisdom and Knowledge to lead and make decisions that are pleasing to you.
-We are grateful, Father, that you created us in your image. We recognize our responsibility to use our intelligence, talents, and energies in ways that honor you. On this occasion, we remember gratefully those whose sacrifices have made possible this laboratory of freedom, the United States of America.
-We are deeply grateful for those who lived and died to preserve this land in which liberty and justice are the birthright of all. Remembering their example of sacrifice, may such memories deepen our motivation to be citizens and sailor’s devoted to the ideals of freedom and equal opportunity for all. Grant us the wisdom to discover the physical and spiritual strengths necessary to maintain peace in this changing world and the resolve to pursue these strengths. Shelter us with the canopy of your grace and pour out your blessing upon us this night, as we reflect on our mighty submarine force, those whom have sacrificed for it, those whom currently serve in it, and those whom have yet to join it. Watch over us now and when depart this place, but never your presence. In Christ’s name we pray. And everyone say, “AMEN”


Mellie said...

amen. wow, that was amazing.

Miss Hope said...

Amen! What a wonderful prayer! I say print it on pretty paper and frame it!!!

Anonymous said...

Jill - Get him to write a memorior of his travels/experiences in the navy . . . he obviously has an ability to write eloquently and it'll give him something to focus on when he retires. RONNIE