Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sounds of Silence

So, I am sitting here in my house by MYSELF!!! The kids are all at school and Rick has duty. I was suppose to go to work today for three hours because i worked 13 hours yesterday (check out the article about the project I am working on http://www.hawaiinavynews.com/node/408 )BUT when I woke up my foot, eye lids, and fingers were swollen from a bug bite...so I took another benedryl and went back to sleep.

I am waiting for the appliance delivery people to bring me my new fridge.....its times like this when I miss living in quarters and having Uncle Sam pick up the tab. So I have to wait for them to come between 11am and 1:30 pm....which is cool with me..there is nobody here to bother me.

I should be cleaning my house....but I don't feel like it. After working on school work for the last couple of years I am enjoying doing nothing. I FINALLY finished my last class....with an 80...I don't even care....I'm just glad to have it all behind me....finally!

We are waiting for orders AGAIN STILL...whatever! I have two that need new id's but don't want to get them until he reenlists because I will just have to re-do them again. So we wait and we wait and we wait....

The good news is that we have campsite reservations for 4th of July weekend.....that is what will be keeping me going through...May, Mothers Day, graduations, my parents visiting, and VBS.....the light at the end of my tunnel.

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