Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I believe that as a family we have entered a season of moments......

Saturday, we bought Britt's prom dress, today she picked up her cap, gown, and graduation announcements, and tonight she is having her senior portraits done. I cried a little bit last week when I picked up some items that the party store had in stock, so of course I called Fran my "moment partner." Then Sunday, as Alycea took her senior portraits Fran called me crying. We are a pitiful pair!

But it doesn't end with Britt because Joshua and Becca will both be in high school this year. They asked Josh to move up to Varsity...his reply...no way I want to stay where I will see some serious playing time! Becca will begin her freshman year....and someday they will all graduate and leave home:( :) I don't know whether to be happy or sad about that!

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Miss Hope said...

We mothers have to have steel in our backbone...covered in the soft mushy stuff that makes us Moms. How else can we raise these kids...show them how to love the Lord...make sure there are some life skills thrown in for good measure....then let them leave us to live their own life.

Having a high school freshman under my roof makes me feel like I'm on a roller coaster. One minute I'm so proud of the woman she is becoming right before my eyes and the next? I want to find a corner and cry because it won't be long before she goes to find her way in the world.

I believe that's why God gives us friends. To help see us through.