Friday, April 17, 2009


It's Friday morning at 7:55 am and my house is completely silent....even the neighbors dog has fallen silent in honor of my morning off...God is GOOD!

So I stayed up late last night with Rick and Britt. He was writing his prayer for the Sub Ball tonight (which I will post here later after the Ball) and Britt and I were creating a facebook group titled "What Out For That Tree" It all started with a picture that Rick took of a tree in Okinawa and has now made it his wall paper on his lap top and the profile picture on his facebook. Britt and I are sick of looking at it and have been harassing him about taking it we started a facebook group to gain supporters of this movement. He's now made it a war of sorts...I am afraid that we will be looking at that tree for many years. But it was nice to just lay in the bed with them and the lap tops last night giggling:) O, I hope that girl doesn't leave me soon......

Anyway i told Rick that I was sleeping in today so he had to get the kids up at 4:30am to catch the bus...he said NO Problem! So I roll over this morning and see him still in the bed...with the sun shining through the windows...he overslept! So he had to hustle and get everyone out the door:)

Now I am laying in bed typing and surfing. He bought me to coolest little lap matches my phone. I told him they could be friends.....and he said that he could hook it up so they talk to each other. My response was, "No they may talk about me....and there are already enough people who do that:):

So I have to get up now and make a program for a luncheon tomorrow and start getting ready for the Sub Ball...yes it will take me that long:)

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Mellie said...

I hope y'all have a great time tonight!