Saturday, April 18, 2009

109th Submarine Birthday Ball

I have to say I haven't enjoyed a sub ball in several last night was a pleasant surprise. I had a really good time. We have been stationed in Hawaii for almost 20 years, so after about the first 10 years I moved from having strickely boat friends to military just plain friends. So when we go to these functions I usually don't have anyone to talk to. But last night I ran into some ladies that i know from church, SWC, and I got to know some new people that Rick introduced me to...

So, the day started with Rick oversleeping and running out the door to Pearl side. Me I stayed in bed and relaxed for a few moments. Then I jumped out of bed and headed down the road. First I went to get gas and coffee, then I went to get my nails done. Of course, she asked acrylic or gel....gel last longer,dryer so I went with gel...and they do dry faster! The foot lady had to do my toes over twice because the first time she put red flowers...on gold toes, I told her no she put green ones....ugly green flowers on gold toes....heeeelllllloooo> Finally, I told her...white little flowers...nothing else.

After that I went to get my eyebrows and hair done....I was so proud of myself...I made her fix it until it was exactly what I wanted. Then, I came home to wait for Brandi to come do my make-up, but she had to cancel because she was having a bad asthma attack. I went upstairs and layered and layered the foundation and cover-up, and did my thing....I was happy with the results.

Next, came the dress...or should I say the underclothes and the dress. Rick helped me jump on into my fat sucker, Britt put on my jewelry, shoes, and dress. She also helped her dad put all of his medals and uniform on. As she was helping him I realized that I had a one piece fatsucker on...which meant I would have to take my dress completely off every time I had to go to the bathroom. Now, for those of you who know me, you know that I use the bathroom more than the average bear.....four kids will do that to your bladder! What had I been thinking?

At this point, Rick is starting to stress getting there on was 3pm.....but he was stressing it. We dropped Zach and Brittany off in Halsey Terr and jumped on Nimitz Hwy. As we drove down the road we hear a horn....Rick unrolls the window and starts talking to this guy from his first boat...he is a civilian now and is out here as a contractor. Only Rick could find someone he knows driving in downtown Waikiki traffic!

We got there at 4:30...with plenty of time to spare. We took pictures and found our seats. Of course Rick knew everyone there, so he was chit chatting. We scoped out the bathroom, because we knew that I was going to have to go once dinner started. I had him unhook and unzip the top part of my dress and I ran into the bathroom....then I came out and had him rehook and zip me.
Luckily, I met a women chief who Rick has gotten to know along with her husband a master chief...and she helped me undo my dress so I could go to the bathroom.

Rick did a great job with the invocation, and once it was over he was able to relax and have some fun.

Overall, we had a really great time. I got to talk to and meet several women who I had only known up until last night as screen names on submarine wives boards. I got to know some new ladies at our command, and some new spouses of friends Rick has picked up through the years.

Of course, Rick got a hundred and one pieces of advice of what orders he should now he is contemplating which ones he should take .....I'll leave that in the hands of God:)

I took my camera to church today and I left it in my I will post pictures tomorrow after church.


Mellie said...

you know I had a good bit of nyquil by the time I got your text, but oh my gosh, did I have to laugh. I'm glad that you found someone to help you get in and out of the dress - wish I could have been there to help, or at least laugh as I watched you struggle :p

Lea said...

So glad you were able to get in and out of your superhero clothing!! :P You loooked gooogeous!! You and your husband are a beautiful couple!!