Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do You Have Poop In Your Pocket?

Have you ever thought that there was entirely too much drama and negativity in your life?  Have you ever looked for the source of that drama?  Was it an eye opening experience?  Did you discover some things about yourself?

Recently, I had this experience.  I was so over all the negativity and drama that I THOUGHT was created by others in my life.  I thought all the actions and dramatic Facebook status’s were the source of my frustration. ,that the rumors and the talk of the town started by others was the source.

However, as I began to dig a little deeper and really think about it, others are not responsible for the drama I allow into my life.  If I chose to allow those people to be my friends on Facebook, and I read all the negativity and drama they post, and absorb it into my life and mind, then I AM accountable and responsible for the drama in my life.  If I allow the rumors and what others say and think of me to invade my thoughts and attitude , then I AM responsible for the drama and negativity in my life.

You see there will always be immature people in the world, people who have nothing better to do than create drama and chaos wherever they go.  They will always relish in stirring the pot of discontention then stand back and watch the drama unfold like All My Children on television. There will always be people who are unhappy with themselves and their lives, who will seek to point out the strengths in others that they wish they had, as something negative or weak.  However, only you are responsible for what you allow into your mind and thoughts.

You do not have to be friends on Facebook with those people, you do not have to subscribe to their version of Gossip Digest, allowing what they say about you to frustrate you.   You do not have to allow their behavior to irritate you. You can however, guard your heart and mind ensuring that you do not take their immaturity and misguided social paths of destruction on as negativity in your life.

Simply unfriend them on Facebook and realize that you have the power to release YOURSELF from the negativity and drama. The question is will you?  I have I have deleted all the drama off of my facebook page, after all my Facebook page is for me to connect with people I like, to socialize with those I value in my life, not for others to drop crap into my life.  I refuse to be moved by the ugly of others, I have found peace in my new found freedom.

Look at it this way…if there was a pile of feces on the sidewalk, would you pick it up, put it in your pocket, and allow it to stink up your life?  I would hope not.  Then why would you allow someone else’s ugly to stink up your life?

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